TEXMO Borewell Submersible SE

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100mm(4″) Borewell Submersible Pumpsets
Rugged and efficient, Texmo 4″ (100mm) borewell
submersible pumpsets are the ideal solution where water
requirements are substantial and expenditure on power a
major consideration.

.Pumping water from bores of diameter 4″ (100mm) &
o Domestic water supply to large residences and
multistoried apartments.
. Water supply to commercial establishments like hotels,
lodgings and hospitals.
Public water supply schemes in urban and rural areas.
. lndustrial water supply.
lrrigation systems for agriculture including drip and
sprinkler systems.
Pressure  Boosting Systems.


. Wear resistant high strength engineering polymer
‘Suibble for clean, cold, non-aggrcssive water at temperature 33? max, and sand contents 50gm / m’ max.
‘Due to continuous efforts at improving value, information furnished above is subject to change without notic€-
Warfanty – All products cary a’l2months warranty from the date of
impellers and ditfusers with stainless steel inserts.
Slainless steel pump shell,
Rigid cast iron valve casing and inlet bracket.
Stainless steel pump shaft .

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