Mahalakshmi Selfpriming Pump

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  • Thermal Overload Protector: The Pump Motor Features Top that Prevents Overloading, Shields the Motor & Associated Circuit from the Effects of Faulty Current.
  • Works with Wide Input Voltage: The Pump has the Capacity to Work with 180-240 Volts Of Fluctuations, Thereby Enhancing Performance while Reducing Damage to the Electrical Parts.
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor (TEFC): The Pump Includes a Cooling Fan Enclosed within the Motor to Protect it from Over Heating & Damaging Electrical Parts.
  • Class B Insulation: All the Electrical Parts are Shielded with Class B Insulation, Thus Protecting the Electrical Components from Damage Due to Extreme Temperatures.
  • High Efficiency & Energy Saving Design: Innovative Design Manufactured at State of the Art, Plant Ensures Optimum Efficiency & Lower Energy Consumption Resulting in Significant Cost Savings.
  • Dynamically Balanced Rotating Parts: Minimum Vibrations Protect Components from Damage During Operation, Resulting in Consistent Performance as Concentricity is Maintained.
  • Easy Maintainable Designs: Easy Maintainable Design & Better Interchangeability of Components Ensures that the Pump can be Serviced even at Remote Locations by Semi-Skilled Technicians.

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