Available Size : 100mm,150mm,200mm

Pump size        : 25,32,40,50, 65, 80,100,125 & 150 mm

Type                 : Water Cooled & Oil Cooled

Phase               : Single Phase & 3 Phase

Head Range  : 120 feet to 1800feet.

Product Description

Classic submersible pumps are made of high quality materials,thus providing the maximum discharge and minimum electricity consumption. It is the most affordable Borewell Submersible currently available in the market.


Special Features

  • Domestic usage
  • Agriculture
  • Drip and Sprinkler irrigation
  • Farms and Gardens
  • Rural water supply
  • Fire fighting and Mining
  • Community water supply
  • Pressure boosting system
  • Civil and Industrial applications.
  •  Highly durable and hygienic parts
  • SS and Carbon thrust bearing to handle more thrust load
  • Dynamically balanced rotating parts
  • Designed for wide voltage fluctuation
  • Extremely hardwearing journal bushes
  • Can be easily dismantled and repaired